Han Lee, a seasoned impact entrepreneur and accomplished CEO in diverse industries, is now poised to extend his leadership to the political arena through the Conservative Party of British Columbia.
With a robust entrepreneurial background spanning over 15 years, Han has successfully founded and led companies in IT, real estate, accounting, international trading, and marketing. His business approach is marked by open-mindedness and positivity, guided by a strong belief in making a lasting impact and positive difference in the world.
Motivated by the profound changes witnessed in the real estate industry over the past decade, Han is driven to address critical issues affecting Canadians, particularly within the context of speculative investments contributing to a concerning housing bubble, especially in BC.
Han's engagement with small business owners has provided insight into the harsh realities of world-record inflation, squeezing profit margins, and pushing businesses into financial hardship. His volunteer work on Hastings Street with the homeless community, coupled with the challenges faced by hardworking Canadians, has deepened his commitment to contributing meaningfully to positive change.
Han can be described as a sponge and stone-like character. On the sponge side, he avidly absorbs knowledge and perspectives from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, culture, or nationality. This sponge-like quality enables him to implement diverse ideas, making a positive impact on his businesses and himself. On the stone side, he is fearless and rigid in business operations, unwavering once he sets his main mission and core values.
Armed with a fusion of experiences and values, Han is poised to contribute to a brighter and more prosperous future for all Canadians. With a focus on reclaiming the essence of the past, he brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to conservative principles. As he steps into the political arena with the Conservative Party of British Columbia, Han is ready and eager to roll up his sleeves, serving as a catalyst for positive change and forging a path towards a revitalized and thriving Canada.