Advocating Health, Mental Wellness, and Sustainable Living in Kootenay-Monashee

Glen Byle, a dedicated member of the Conservative Party, is running to represent Kootenay-Monashee. Working at the Trail hospital with a specialization in medical equipment repair, Glen is passionate about contributing to the health and well-being of his community. His role as a union steward reflects his commitment to supporting his coworkers through challenging workplace situations.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Glen is an avid weightlifter and long-distance runner. He volunteers his time to run a weekly fitness program for kids, offering them opportunities to engage in obstacle courses and fun challenges.

Championing Mental Health: A Personal Journey

Glen's profound commitment to mental health advocacy stems from a personal experience. Five years ago, his daughter survived a serious accident, leading Glen to navigate PTSD symptoms. Overcoming these challenges with the support of counseling, friends, and family, Glen is dedicated to spreading awareness that individuals can emerge from the depths of mental health struggles to lead fulfilling lives.

Cycling for Wellness and Sustainability

As a year-round cyclist for six years, Glen promotes the benefits of cycling for personal health, environmental sustainability, and reduced infrastructure costs. Believing in empowering people to make positive choices, he advocates for improved cycling infrastructure, reduced restrictions on e-bikes, and affordable travel options, rather than punitive measures like carbon taxes.

A Vision for BC's Future

Glen envisions a future in BC where his children can thrive—a place where homeownership is achievable, small businesses can flourish, and individuals can pursue their passions while making environmentally conscious choices. He believes that the Conservative Party of BC is best positioned to shape this positive future for the next generation.