Jon Ellacott

Jon Ellacott


MLA Candidate

About Jon


Jon Ellacott is a Vancouver-local Construction Manager and small business owner. Throughout his life he has had the honour and opportunity to spend time working for British Columbians; constructing much needed social, industrial and commercial infrastructure. This path has led Jon to become an advocate for development and construction reform - looking to serve our great province with effective affordable housing solutions while cutting red tape and streamlining regulatory creep.


Jon's passion for politics has prompted him to volunteer both provincially and federally. He is an enthusiastic proponent of fiscal conservatism and in addition, he seeks to apply his common sense, no nonsense work ethic towards combating ineffective governance and supporting the collective British Columbia; individuals, small businesses, industry and the local economy.


"Working hard to put money back in your pocket" is his motto, and tax cuts for families, individuals and small businesses - coupled with shrinking bureaucracy and streamlining a now bloated provincial political apparatus would be the cornerstone of any logical approach to serve the British Columbian populace. From a narrower view, particularly focusing on affordable housing - offering additional subsidies for multi family developments that utilize modular construction methods or "off site construction" is one very simple, practical solution that has the possibility to cut delivery times in half for much needed units to market - while mitigating the potential skilled labor shortage in real time.