Dupinder Saran

Dupinder Saran


MLA Candidate

About Dupinder Saran

Dupinder Kaur Saran, also known as Dupinder Jaswal, emerges as a dedicated candidate for the Conservative Party of BC in Surrey-Panorama, blending a rich professional background with a lifelong commitment to community service.

Professional Journey

Married with two children, aged 13 and 25, Dupinder is a seasoned Registered Nurse (RN, BSN, LNC) with an impressive 26 years of diverse nursing experience. Her professional journey has taken her through different Health Authorities in BC, including the Provincial Health Services Authority and the BC Emergency Health Services. Currently serving in the Primary Care Division under the Ministry of Health, Dupinder has demonstrated expertise ranging from newborn to geriatric care, clinical resource management, mental health, and specialized focus in dementia and Alzheimer's care. In 2018, she founded and served as CEO of Nurse On the Go Home and Healthcare Services, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit in the healthcare sector.

Roots in Surrey

Born in RCH (New Westminster), Dupinder's family has been an integral part of Surrey since the 1960s. Raised in Surrey, she considers herself part of the identity of the city. As a resident of Panorama Ridge for 17 years, Dupinder has witnessed the growth and development of the city since her childhood. Her deep connection with the community allows her to understand grassroots concerns, making her a candidate with a genuine understanding of local issues.

Passion for Community Service and Advocacy

Dupinder's commitment to community service and advocacy is evident through her extensive involvement at local, provincial, and federal levels. She is the Founder of One Voice Canada, a non-partisan foundation dedicated to supporting, creating awareness, and advocating for international students. Serving as a former Library Board Trustee for Surrey Libraries, she held the position of Vice-Chair during her four-year term. Her role as a director in various non-profit organizations reflects her devotion to volunteering in the community, collaborating with youth, women, seniors, and those in need.

Political Engagement and Commitment

A supporter of the Conservative Party, Dupinder's dedication to community service transcends into her political engagement. Having run for School Trustee positions in both the 2018 and 2022 Municipal Elections, she is now ready to extend her passion further by running as an MLA candidate for Surrey-Panorama. With a strong foundation in healthcare, a deep understanding of community dynamics, and a track record of advocacy, Dupinder Kaur Saran is poised to bring a unique and impactful perspective to the political landscape in Surrey-Panorama.

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