Leading Holistic Healthcare in Surrey-Cloverdale

Dr. Jody Toor, IMD, PhD, stands as a dedicated candidate for the Conservative Party of BC in Surrey-Cloverdale, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise as a board-certified Integrative Medicine Doctor in both Canada and the United States.

Born at Langley Memorial and raised in Surrey, Dr. Toor's roots run deep in the community she aims to serve. Currently residing in Surrey with her husband, Dr. Charn Toor, they are raising their two beautiful daughters, Nya and Jaya.

Dr. Toor's commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in the medical field is evident in her extensive education and training. Her clinic in Cloverdale serves as a testament to her dedication to providing quality healthcare to the residents of the area.

Dr. Toor is a passionate advocate for health and wellness, with a particular focus on mental health. As an Integrated Medicine Doctor she is non-prescribing and is not registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia. She is proud to deliver holistic wellness and healthcare out of her practice in Surrey-Cloverdale, where she has helped thousands of patients.

With a blend of medical expertise, community roots, and a commitment to holistic well-being, Dr. Jody Toor is poised to bring a fresh perspective and dedicated service to Surrey-Cloverdale as part of the Conservative Party of BC.