Deepak Suri

Deepak Suri


MLA Candidate

About Deepak Suri

Diverse Expertise and Academic Entrepreneurship

Deepak Suri's journey encompasses a rich tapestry of experiences across continents and industries. Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Delhi, he began his career in finance in Kuwait before venturing into India's automotive industry, specializing in crafting automobile interiors. A trailblazer in broadcasting, Deepak contributed significantly to India's media landscape as a pioneering cable operator for over 11 years.

Immigrating to Canada in 1999, Deepak embarked on a groundbreaking venture in 2002 as the first AM Band part-owner, introducing diverse listeners to radio programming accessible in vehicles and computers. Hosting over 300 captivating radio talk shows titled 'Bollywood Masala,' he engaged audiences with insightful discussions.

His commitment to growth and entrepreneurship shines through his academic pursuits. Supplementing his career, he pursued a diploma in Immigration Consultancy from CDI College, showcasing his dynamic approach to personal and professional advancement.

Media Impact and Culinary Leadership

Deepak's entrepreneurial journey covers a wide array of fields. As a dynamic radio host and part-owner of a station, he engaged and inspired audiences. He also released motivational CDs in Hindi, including 'Waqt Kya Hai' and 'Depression Ko Door Karo.' Alongside his wife Alka, their culinary expertise shines through the successful management of three highly acclaimed Indian restaurants in Burnaby and Vancouver, renowned for their authentic flavors.

His creativity extends beyond, inspiring diverse audiences through various mediums. Additionally, he mentors aspiring entrepreneurs, providing strategic guidance and legal representation in Canada. Deepak's multifaceted approach fosters innovation across industries.

Innovative Visionary and Legal Champion

Deepak Suri stands as an innovative pioneer in technology and a trailblazer in legal victories, marking a journey adorned with revolutionary achievements. His groundbreaking introduction of cable television technology in India during the 90s reshaped the broadcasting landscape. Notably, his triumphs in defamation and judicial review cases as a self-represented individual underscore his unwavering commitment to justice.

Dedicated to Service and Progressive Values

Fueled by a dedication to service and an unwavering belief in progressive values, Deepak aims to enhance the Conservative Party's platform through transformative initiatives. His diverse expertise and steadfast commitment position him as a dynamic force for positive change, aligning the party with the evolving needs of the constituents.