Darryl Seres stands as a seasoned conservative with a passion for putting people first. His journey in conservative politics began during the days of Stockwell Day and the Canadian Alliance when, not yet old enough to vote, he resonated strongly with leadership that unequivocally championed the interests of the people. Today, Darryl continues to proudly represent an unwavering commitment to a new alternative in British Columbia, one that places the well-being of its residents at the forefront.

A Commitment to the People

Darryl's dedication to the principles and values of conservatism runs deep, going back to his formative early days of political engagement. He found inspiration in leaders and parties that stood firmly for the interests of the people, a sentiment that continues to drive his political aspirations. He is opposed to elite-driven governance, especially the practice of placing corporate and special interest groups above citizens and communities. Darryl is committed to building bridges and bringing communities together for the betterment of all.

A Diverse Career Path

Professionally, Darryl Seres boasts a rich and diverse background. He spent a decade working in the non-profit sector, including overseas assignments, where dedication to service and community welfare was evident. A pivotal transition led him into the world-class Okanagan wine and tourism industry, aligning his career with one of British Columbia's flagship economic sectors.

A Voice for Regional Interests

Darryl's advocacy for his beloved Okanagan took a significant step when, during graduate studies, he was invited in 2018 to serve on the Board of Directors of the Conservative Party of B.C. as a Regional Director for the Okanagan-Shuswap. This role, and five more years serving on the Board, positioned him to champion the region's unique needs. From the vibrant wine and tourism industry to mining, ranching, agriculture and the vital cause of interprovincial free-trade, his efforts in this regard continue to this day. He will steadfastly advocate for the economic prosperity and well-being of his community and the broader region.

Building a Stronger Conservative Movement

Participating in the rebuild of the Conservative Party of B.C. was both challenging and rewarding for Darryl. Over six terms on the provincial board—including as past party president—he played a pivotal role in revitalizing a conservative movement and a provincial party that authentically represents British Columbians. His dedication has helped pave the way for a resurgence of conservatism in our province.

A Representative for Boundary-Similkameen

As a resident of Osoyoos in the beautiful south Okanagan, Darryl Seres embodies the spirit of an avid outdoorsman and a conscientious host. He loves to cook for friends, share great wine, and learn every day. His genuine desire to be a representative in the legislature for the communities and citizens of Boundary-Similkameen reflects an unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those he serves.

A Vision for a Prosperous Future

Darryl Seres brings a wealth of experience, a deep-rooted commitment to conservative values, and a profound love for his community of Boundary-Similkameen to his candidacy for the Conservative Party of B.C. With Darryl, residents of Boundary-Similkameen can look forward to a dedicated advocate who will tirelessly work to put their interests first, helping to foster a prosperous and inclusive future for all.