Advocating for Community, Housing, and Economic Prosperity

Damon Scrase, a dedicated candidate for the Conservative Party of BC in Courtenay-Comox, is a true British Columbian, born in the picturesque Comox Valley. His professional journey spans the diverse landscapes of the province, from the serene Vancouver Island to the bustling Lower Mainland, showcasing his comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that British Columbia presents.

Champion of Individual Liberty and Personal Freedoms

A strong advocate for bodily autonomy and individual liberty, Damon believes in the importance of personal freedoms and the right to make decisions about one's own body. His concerns about ideologically driven policies limiting the development of housing and critical infrastructure highlight his commitment to fostering a prosperous British Columbia.

Professional Experience and Commitment to Public Safety

Damon's professional experience includes leading teams in responding to natural disasters, demonstrating his resilience and commitment to community well-being. With seven years in high-stakes heavy-duty industry, he brings an energetic perspective to his advocacy for public safety and critical infrastructure. His support for essential industries underscores his commitment to opportunities for young people and economic growth.

Passionate Advocate for Housing Availability and Environmental Responsibility

Damon is a vocal proponent for increased housing availability, recognizing the critical need for affordable and sustainable living opportunities. His concern for responsible waste management, particularly in the face of single-use plastics polluting the oceans, reflects his dedication to environmental sustainability. Damon emphasizes the importance of efficient recycling plants to address these issues and create a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Leisure Pursuits and Community Vision

In his leisure time, Damon finds joy in exploring the underwater environment through SCUBA diving, trekking scenic trails, working with animals on the farm, and staying informed about international politics. His vision for Courtenay-Comox is rooted in creating a thriving community that combines environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, and opportunities for residents.

Dedication to Local Economy and Small Business Support

Damon is dedicated to supporting small business owners who have faced challenges since the pandemic began, aiming to strengthen the local economy and preserve the unique character of his home. His commitment to prioritizing more housing over bureaucratic hurdles aligns with his vision to ensure that Canada remains competitive, securing a higher standard of living for future generations.

Tireless Advocacy for British Columbia's Well-Being

Damon Scrase stands as a tireless advocate for the well-being of British Columbia. His commitment to responsible policies, smart investment, and community-driven solutions reflects his vision for a prosperous and sustainable future for the people of Courtenay-Comox and all of British Columbia.