Claire Rattée

Claire Rattée


MLA Candidate

About Claire Rattée

Claire Rattée is a dedicated public servant with a remarkable 13-year track record as a successful business owner, embodying the values that resonate with British Columbians. Born and raised in Delta, B.C., Claire moved to Kitimat in 2011, establishing deep roots in the community and developing a profound understanding of the issues that matter most to its residents.

Professional Experience and Business Ownership

As a seasoned business owner, Claire has navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship, gaining valuable insights into the needs and concerns of local businesses. Her entrepreneurial journey has not only emphasized the importance of fiscal responsibility but has also provided her with ample opportunities for high levels of community engagement.

Public Service and City Council Experience

In addition to her private sector experience, Claire Rattée has devoted four years of service to the Kitimat City Council. In this role, she played a pivotal part in advocating for policies supporting economic growth, community development, healthcare services, and affordable housing. Claire's focus during her time on City Council was to represent struggling business owners, provide younger voters with representation, and enhance the quality of life for Northern B.C. residents. Notably, Claire made history as the youngest female ever elected to a council position in Kitimat.

Political Engagement and Federal Elections

No stranger to the political arena, Claire transitioned from City Council to run in the 2019 and 2021 federal elections. Despite an unsuccessful bid, she garnered considerable momentum within the Conservative Party. Under her leadership, the Conservative vote share increased from 24% to 36%, highlighting her ability to resonate with voters and fortify support for conservative principles in challenging territories.

Passions and Advocacy

Claire Rattée's passions lie in economic development, addressing the housing crisis, and advocating for healthcare and addiction recovery support for her region. Her commitment to these crucial issues stems from a genuine desire to improve the lives of Skeena residents. Notably, during her tenure on City Council, Claire played a pivotal role in collaborative efforts leading to a positive final investment decision for the LNG Canada project, the largest private sector investment in Canadian history. This accomplishment underscores her ability to work collaboratively to achieve meaningful and lasting outcomes.

Conservative Vision for Skeena

As a conservative candidate, Claire Rattée seeks to represent Skeena with conviction, aiming to preserve the principles that make the region strong and vibrant. She pledges to be a tireless advocate for cherished values and a steadfast voice for the community. Claire is dedicated to bringing common-sense conservatism to Skeena, making her an ideal candidate to serve as a representative in the Legislature with an unwavering commitment to shared values.