Chris Sankey is a proud member of the Tsimshian community of Lax Kw’ Alaams, "Island of Roses", near Prince Rupert, BC. His ancestral name is W’Tsin (House of W’Tsin), meaning "A person who enters quietly," and he also holds the name Wudiumas, meaning "Sunrise to sunset." His crest is Gispwudwada (Killerwhale) Gitwilgyoots (Tribe), symbolizing his role as a bringer of important information to the people. Chris is deeply committed to the values and traditions of his community, using his leadership to foster growth and resilience.

Professional Career

Chris has a distinguished career that spans multiple sectors, including business, indigenous affairs, and resource development. He is the Principal Owner and President of Blackfish Enterprises, where he provides strategic advice and planning to Indigenous communities and industry stakeholders both domestically and internationally in the energy sector. Chris is also a partner in Blackfish Industries, a heavy civil construction company. His legal expertise was honed as a Senior Fellow at the MacDonald-Laurier Institute, where he advised on Indigenous affairs, research, and policy work. Additionally, Chris is a committee member of the Canadian Gas Association and the International Gas Union, and a partner at Fort Capital Partners, a boutique investment firm. His professional journey highlights his ability to navigate complex negotiations and build strategic partnerships.

Community Involvement

Chris has a strong record of community service and leadership. He served as an elected councillor for the Lax Kw’ Alaams Band, where he chaired the Economic Development Committee and initiated the first emergency response and marine safety table on the North Coast. He is a board member of the C2C2C Unity Corridor Foundation, collaborating with Indigenous communities, stakeholders, and government on economic corridor opportunities. Chris organized and co-facilitates the Tsimshian leadership table in Prince Rupert, promoting traditional knowledge, political risk management, and economic reconciliation. He played a crucial role in negotiating the $36 billion Pacific Northwest LNG agreement and was one of the key negotiators for the first-ever Environmental Monitoring Agreement between the Coast Tsimshian, the Government of British Columbia, and the Federal Government of Canada.

Chris Sankey’s professional achievements and deep community involvement reflect his commitment to fostering economic growth, promoting Indigenous rights, and ensuring environmental stewardship in North Coast-Haida Gwaii.

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