Brent Chapman

Brent Chapman


MLA Candidate

About Brent


Brent Chapman is a multifaceted professional with a robust background in acting, producing, broadcasting, writing, and voice coaching, bringing a wealth of expertise to every project he undertakes. His career highlights include being a well-recognized television commercial actor for major brands like Coca-Cola, Sears, and Honda, as well as his extensive political experience and commitment to conservative values.

In his personal life, Brent cherishes his long-term marriage to a lawyer-turned-politician, with whom he has raised four accomplished children. This family-centered foundation fuels his dedication to both personal and professional excellence, evident in his commitment to serving the South Surrey community.


  1. Mobilizing Volunteers: Brent has a talent for rallying volunteers and organizing grassroots efforts to support quality candidates and uphold conservative values in Surrey South. His passion for coordinating volunteer activities drives impactful community engagement.

  2. Passionate Advocate: Brent is deeply committed to serving the South Surrey community and promoting conservative values and principles. His dedication shines through in his advocacy work and community service initiatives.

  3. Effective Communicator: With a knack for conveying ideas clearly and persuasively, Brent excels in various communication settings and platforms. His ability to articulate messages effectively contributes to successful outreach and engagement with constituents.

  4. Hardworking Professional: Brent's work ethic is characterized by dedication and commitment, both in his career pursuits and volunteer endeavors. His relentless drive to achieve goals and deliver results sets him apart as a hardworking and dependable professional.

  5. Experienced Campaigner: With valuable political experience and insight into successful campaign strategies, Brent brings a strategic approach to his advocacy efforts. His understanding of grassroots campaigning and effective communication strategies enhances his ability to mobilize support and drive positive change.

With a passion for serving the South Surrey community and a track record of effective leadership, Brent Chapman is poised to uphold conservative values and principles as a candidate for the Conservative Party of British Columbia in Surrey South.

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