Statement from John Rustad, Leader of The Conservative Party of British Columbia

Friday, May 10, 2024 — Vancouver, BC: John Rustad, Leader of The Conservative Party of    British Columbia released the following statement on the announcement of the Canfor Pulp investment suspension in Houston and subsequent layoffs in Prince George:

“First and foremost, my thoughts are with the 220 employees and their families who were impacted by the investment suspension of Canfor Pulp in Houston and the additional job losses across Prince George and in the North. This follows the announcement of 180 jobs lost after the Polar Sawmill closure in Bear Lake and the curtailed production that was announced at the Northwood Pulp Mill.  

This news across the region was a direct result of the NDP’s failed leadership when it comes to making British Columbia a more attractive place to live, work and invest in our natural resource sectors. It is unacceptable that British Columbians and our businesses are continuing to suffer under the NDP, their failed policies and extraordinary spending.  

As the cost of living in our province continues to skyrocket and our economic advantages continue to be taxed into the ground, British Columbians simply cannot afford more of the NDP.

The Conservative Party of British Columbia will bring back innovation, competition and common sense spending to the province. We will continue to stand up for a reinvigorated resource sector that creates good-paying, permanent jobs and world-class production right here in BC.”

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