Adam Hayduk was born and raised in British Columbia and is a professional self-starter with over 20 years of extensive and practical experience in non-profit youth sport organizations, operations, and administration. Known as a consummate team player, Adam excels in organization, diplomacy, and interpersonal relations, which have been key to his success in various leadership roles.

Professional Background

Adam's career in youth sports and community engagement began with a significant tenure as the Executive Director of one of BC's largest minor hockey associations, where he served for four years. His leadership there laid the groundwork for his move to Vancouver Island, where he took on the roles of Assistant Coach and Assistant General Manager of the Alberni Valley Bulldogs in the BCHL. Over the next five years, Adam's contributions extended far beyond his job description, making him a well-respected and active member of the community.

Community Engagement

Understanding the importance of community involvement, Adam has worked closely with local leaders to achieve tangible results. A notable example of his dedication is his collaboration with the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District staff to develop a recycling curriculum, which was successfully implemented through the “Bulldogs in Schools” program in local elementary schools.

Personal Life

Adam's personal journey took a significant turn when he met his future wife in Port Alberni. They now have a four-year-old son, and Adam continues to be deeply invested in his community. Currently, he is in his seventh season as the Hockey Director of the Hollyburn Minor Hockey Association.

Political Vision

Adam is driven by a desire to see the communities and residents of the Mid Island-Pacific Rim riding thrive. He believes that a common-sense approach is crucial to addressing the challenges facing British Columbians. Adam has identified three key areas where he believes the NDP has failed:

  1. Drug Crisis and Mental Health: Adam argues that the NDP's policies have exacerbated the drug crisis, leading to increased homelessness and unsafe communities. He advocates for real treatment and recovery initiatives to replace failed policies.

  2. Cost of Living: Adam criticizes the NDP for failing to improve affordability, highlighting recent tax and rate increases that burden residents. He calls for the elimination of the Carbon Tax and other measures to reduce the cost of living.

  3. Support for Professionals: Adam emphasizes the need to better support healthcare professionals, teachers, and law enforcement officers. He believes in attracting and retaining more doctors and nurses and providing adequate support to ensure these professionals can effectively do their jobs.


Adam Hayduk is a candidate with a proven track record of leadership, community involvement, and a strong commitment to practical solutions. His blend of business and political acumen, along with his deep-rooted connections to the Mid Island-Pacific Rim region, make him a compelling choice for MLA. Adam is dedicated to making British Columbia a safer, more affordable, and better-supported province for all its residents.

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