I'm proud to officially call myself the Conservative Party MLA for Nechako Lakes and  for now – the lone Conservative Party MLA fighting for you in the legislature. 

I was born and raised in Prince George and my wife Kim and I have been living in Cluculz Lake for over a decade. Northern BC is - and will always be - home. 

I’ve been in provincial politics for 18 years, but my priority has always been my family and my values. Before serving my community as an elected official, I spent years in the resource sector as an entrepreneur and small business owner. 

As the MLA for Nechako Lakes, I’m proud to have been a leader in the fight to get LNG Canada across the finish line as Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation. Signing 435 agreements with First Nations was about true economic reconciliation while fighting tooth and nail to keep high-paying jobs in our resource sector. 

Over the years, I’ve learned that nothing is worth compromising your principles over. As British Columbians, our beliefs, our convictions, our personal freedoms – all matter more than anything.  

In fact, that’s why the BC Liberal kicked me out of their caucus – because I said no.  

NO to BC Liberals' wokeness and NO to their cancel culture. 

I refused to bend the knee and go along with Kevin Falcon’s woke-washing of BC Liberal MLAs – and the BC Liberals’ slide down the slippery slope towards adopting the radical left’s Climate Apocalypse narrative. 

As we address climate change, we should never forget that British Columbians’ safety, security, quality of life and dignity should be front and center.  

No family in British Columbia should face food insecurity because of expensive climate policies that punish everyday people.  

On this point, Kevin and I disagreed. So, like you, I joined the Conservative Party of BC.  

Together, we’re fighting for a better BC, alongside thousands of other British Columbians who are fed up with the false choice of the BC NDP or the BC Liberals (BC NDP-lite). 

Many more British Columbians believe in smaller government, and personal freedoms and are yearning for a better option that fights for everyday people, instead of party insiders and elites. 

As Conservative Party members – it’s our job to bring them home. 

I am so excited to announce that I’m joining the fight for a stronger, freer, and more compassionate BC with the Conservative Party of British Columbia.  

We’re going to make history in the next election.  

But to win my seat in Nechako Lakes and seats in many other ridings, we need your support. Our party is punching above its weight and is making big gains, but none of it is possible without your support. 

If you make a tax-deductible contribution to the Conservative Party today, you will be directly funding our campaign efforts to support Conservative candidates in every single riding.  

You’ll be seeing more of me going forward, whether it’s over social media or in the legislature as your (currently) lone voice of opposition to the NDP's socialist government policies.  

Like you, I'm a concerned British Columbian who wants to see real change in how our government treats everyday British Columbians and values their freedoms. 

Thank you so much for your support.


John Rustad,

Conservative Party of British Columbia MLA for Nechako Lakes